Mobility Products

The Rotherham area's best source of mobility products


For the elderly, or those with limited mobility, even simple daily tasks that many take for granted can be a real challenge. Thankfully, Fosters For Furniture is the Rotherham area's best source of mobility products. Our staff keep up to date with the massive number of new mobility products that are coming onto the market all the time, and when you visit our Effingham Street showroom, they will be happy to share the benefit of their extensive knowledge with you.

Motorised Chairs & Beds

Getting in and out of beds and chairs can be a real challenge for the less able. Motorised chairs and beds can help massively, by moving into the best possible position to assist with the necessary movements. Our range of motorised chairs and beds has been specifically chosen to offer the maximum comfort and ease to those who need it the most. Come and see our selection today.

Fireside Chairs

 We have a wide selection of fireside chairs that will give you the most comfortable options available, and what's more, they will look great in your living room.